About us


We, Mushroom-Bulgaria deliver the best wild mushrooms and berries for those who rely on excellent quality and taste.

The first consideration of all good chefs is the ingredients. That is why ultimately we know that the product we produce is targeted exclusively to the quality we deliver.

If you are fed up with second rate or unavailable products and bad service from your fine food supplier give Mushroom Bulgaria a try, we know you will be glad you did.

Bulgarian company IGB Trading LTD / Mushroom-Bulgaria was founded in 2003 and is engaged in production and trade of wild mushrooms and berries. The Product Manager is with over 25 years experience in thе field of wild mushrooms and fruits and can answer any questions and inquiries of the client.

The production house is located 20 km from Sofia right to the mountain “Sredna Gora “ towards the highway to Plovdiv city a good spot near airport and transport units, which is so important in a matter of logistics.

We have our own five spots in charge with the collection of mushrooms and berries from the forest, throughout the country; as well we work with a lot of subcontractors.

In the workshop we have 30 people, and in a period of higher season people can be variety.

We deliver our products to partners all across Europe - Germany, France, Austria, England, Spain, Italy, and also to non-European partners from America, Canada, Japan and Australia.

In order to be better with our service trough out the world, we organized a regional local agents and we are in progress of preparing local storage facilities as we need better logistics and flexibility.

The products we produce are natural delivered directly from the nature to the client.

More information about the products, packages and etc., please visit Products Section of the website.